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Online Course Description

The Watkins Ward Group Academy private investigating online course need not only appeal to those wanting to start an agency of their own, but also to anyone wanting to have more investigative power / skills in their own business and private life.

Our private investigating online course is intended to equip the student with many means of accessing all forms of information in a legal and moral manner.

Private investigators, or 'private eyes', work for the legal profession, councils, insurance companies, individuals or groups of people to undertake investigatory law services or investigative due diligence. Professional investigators work secretly to gather information and to check facts for their clients.

Many private detectives own their own agencies and work for themselves, with flexible hours and the freedom to make their own business decisions.


At the end of this online course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement and Private Investigating Diploma.  This is issued by Watkins Ward Group Training Academy and certifies learning up to equivalent level 3 Private Investigator.


Module 1 - Introduction - Tools of the Trade - Theft Part I.

Module 2 - Theft Part II.

Module 3 - Tracing.

Module 4 - Surveillance.

Module 5 - Electronic Equipment & Counter Espionage - Polygraph Calibrator.

Module 6 - Repossession.

Module 7 - Process Serving.

Module 8 - Interviewing & Interrogation.

This course gives you a detailed knowledge of;

  • Life as a private detective / investigator, tools of the trade, finding the right work
  • A first lesson in theft
  • Theft continued, robbery, handling stolen goods, bilking, criminal damage, burglary.
  • The Police and Criminal Evidence Act
  • The Data Protection Act*Tracing*Surveillance techniques
  • Electronic equipment, polygraph calibrator (lie detector) counter espionage
  • Attending court
  • Repossession, process serving, statement taking, invoicing and other paperwork
  • Means reporting, vetting, interviewing and interrogation*Business skills for setting up an agency, skills of self-preservation, specialising

Assessment Process

After each module there is a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.

Your personal tutor will be available throughout the course, and will provide any help and assistance you may require.

What's Included

  • All study materials
  • Study guide
  • Full Personal Tutor and Admin support
  • The course fee is 'fully inclusive' and includes certification fee's (usually valued at £35-00)
  • No hidden charges or additional fee's

Why study with us?

If you’re still wondering why you should enrol on an online course with Watkins Ward Group Academy, here are some of the benefits:

Time: For many students the fact they did not have to wait around for another six months to start their chosen course was a big deciding factor. With Watkins Ward Group Academy you are free to enrol on a course straight away. You will get access to the study materials and you can organise your schedule according to your needs.

Money: Studying should not break the bank. Learning from the comfort of your own home means that you will not only save money on travel costs and rent, you'll also save a huge amount on the course fee's also.

Freedom: Online study gives you control. You decide when and where to work, so you can move freely between studying and other commitments. Plus, Watkins Ward Group Academy takes the pressure off any deadlines. If life gets in the way, you can simply pause your study and come back to it in a few weeks or a few months. At the same time, you can finish a course much faster than expected.

Since there is no physical location, you can study in any circumstances – at home, in a café, or a park. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. We take care of the rest.

Student support: Studying at home does not mean you should be alone. There is a great network of students that exchange opinions and advice. You will also have access to tutor feedback daily and our administrative teams are on hand to help out with any queries.

  • Established Nationwide Organisation
  • A BLOOM / NEPRO Accredited Supplier
  • Independently Reviewed
  • Dedicated Academy Team
Bloom accredited private investigator
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