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How to keep your home safe after Covid19 lock down

How to keep your home safe after Covid19 lock down

Experts tell us the steps we can all take to keep our home safe post lock down.

As the UK Covid19 lock down begins to lift, many of us are starting to spend longer periods of time away from our home, more so than most in the last few months of lock down.

Predictions estimate a large rise in burglary related crime, as criminals start looking for properties to target.

We take a moment in this blog post to provide some essential tips and advice, on that you can do, to help protect your home.

It's important to keep your garden looking kept and tidy, making sure that security equipment / cameras don't look out of use.... these tips will help put your mind to rest, as you spend more time away from the home address.

Presenting your security equipment as clean, current and viable sends a strong signal to any would-be burglars to leave your address.

Items that are unique are a nightmare for would be criminals to sell or move on.  You might never have thought about it, but think about personalizing your items.  If you can add your name address, or other identifying information - this makes it much harder for thieves to sell on these items.

There are also many services such as The National Property Register whereby you can register your items on a national database, helping items to be returned.

For crims - they have the aim of gaining access and leaving your home as quickly as possible without being seen.  A overgrown garden, or large overgrown bushes provide the perfect cover.  Gardens can also be a source of valuable items.  An estimated 4.8 billion a year is spent on garden supplies.  And, more so than ever during the lock down, as people spent extra time and resources on garden and garden related items.

Gravel drives provide a great deterrent due to the noise walking on these make.

Most robberies take place via windows and doors, however these are not the only points of entry.  Flats sometimes have loft spaces and areas above ceiling space that is not separated from other units.  Intruders can and do use these areas for access.

You can read more from the Met Police about how to keep your home safe here

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