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How to hire a Private Investigator

How to hire a Private Investigator

How to hire a Private Investigator in the UK

''Do you suspect that your partner, wife, husband is engaged in extra marital activity? Maybe you are being sued for a Personal Injury claim? Do you own a business, and have an issue with a supplier, competitor or employee?

Whatever the issue, hiring a local private investigator very well might be the solution you need.

Locating a trustworthy and qualified private investigator can be an intimidating task.  Here are some tips on how to select the best local private investigator for your needs:

Get a referral - It is likely that you will be sharing personal information with this person and so it important to find someone reliable. Do as much research on the investigator as possible. Ask for recommendations, check on-line reviews.

Check their registration - Are they fully ICO Registered.  Do they have full insurance.  Ask to see copies of paperwork for this.   Watkins Ward Investigations are always happy to provide potential clients with this information.

Ask about their experience and education - To make sure your job gets done right, find a detective who specialises in the task you need. Ask about how much work they have done similar to what you want in the past and how those jobs worked out.

Consider whether they have insurance - Most serious private investigators are insured up to a few million pounds. While it’s not necessary for all jobs, if something were to happen during the course of the work, you, as the hirer, would be held liable if there was no insurance coverage.

Talk about confidentiality - You are very likely dealing with sensitive information when  you are working with a private investigator and you need to be sure your PI will be discreet and respectful of information shared between the two of you.

Be sure you are prepared for what a private investigator may uncover - You are hiring a private investigator to uncover something for you and especially when it involves people close to you, be sure you are ready to for whatever the PI may find. You may hope the private investigator will prove your fears wrong, but be sure you can handle what they may turn up to prove your fears right before you hire their services.''

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Brian Sladen, Senior Detective, Dip.PI (QCF)(IAPCC)

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