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How to catch a cheater: Tips from UK Private Investigator

How to catch a cheater: Tips from UK Private Investigator

Catch a cheater PI tips

There's possibly nothing worse, than the betrayal of a partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other in your life.  The general consensus is, that if you suspect a cheating spouse, the best way to confirm this is to hire a local private investigator.

Before a client decides to find a private investigator near them,   it's worth looking over the common private detective FAQs.

Watkins Ward Group Investigations, always recommends you call to speak in confidence with one of our Senior Detectives.

The consultation is free of charge, and we do not charge any upfront fees or charges.   Not only will this insure that a private investigator is the right course of action, it usually also helps to target the work, and cut down on the costs.

A number of red flags to indicate nefarious activity, and help catch a cheater can include:

Change in daily routine, Working later than usual, Staying out longer, Meeting with friends more frequently, Hiding mobile phone / laying phone screen downwards when in the same room as you, Changing computer passwords you previously had access to / locking you out of computer, Change in sex life, either no interest or more interest (believe it or not it can go either way!), Hiding bank statements, Showing more interest in their appearance (including buying new clothes, underwear etc), Behaviour changes including becoming argumentative or being nicer than usual, If they start to doubt if they can trust you, Arrive home smelling of cologne or perfume, strange hair in the car on on clothing, Lack of interest in the family home, children, jobs that need doing around the home, etc.

If you've asked yourself the question; 'how to catch a cheater', we hope these private investigator tips help.

Trust Watkins Ward Group to deal with your matrimonial & cheating partner surveillance / investigation, to give you the answers you need. All of our operations are conducted covertly, and therefore your partner will never know the surveillance has taken place.

We understand the emotional issues relating to matrimonial, relationship and other private matters, and have handled everything from high profile divorcee cases, to small discrete family matters.

We will work with you to ensure each case is handled with the same amount of detail, tenacity and empathy.

Watkins Ward Group are bound by strict client-agent protocol, and follow all ICO and data privacy guidelines for private investigation. We are fully ICO registered and insured.

Under no circumstances will your case details be revealed to any third party.

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