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What is digital forensics technology?

What is digital forensics technology?

Technology is advancing at staggering rate. Most businesses have now moved a large part of their operations online to take advantage of the benefits of digital operations. From improved flexibility, cost savings and easier integration, going digital is the way to the future.

However, this does not come without some downsides, particularly regarding the security of their online data – cybercrime.

Digital forensics is a relatively new branch of forensic science that involves the identification, validation, investigation, recovery, and presentation of facts during cases regarding digital evidence found on computers and other digital devices. With help from advanced technology, information moves very fast.

Additionally, the information could be stored or in this case hidden in different apps or software. Traditional criminal justice workers may not have the skills or capability to recover this information and use it to prosecute criminals. This creates the need for skilled personnel such as digital forensics technologists.

Most forensic technicians are required to have formal education. Employers are looking for people who can combine technical hard skills with some soft skills required to operate in a business environment. Some of the desired skills, both hard and soft, include:

Having the ability to research and critically analyse the data in front of you is one of the most important skills you need as a digital forensic technician. In fact, this will be the largest part of your work in this career. The task is to recognize patterns and interpret data quickly and accurately.

Digital forensics is a technical skill without a doubt. On top of that, you are working on a variety of things from networks, computers, mobile phones, laptops, servers, operating systems, routers, and Wi-Fi. In effect, you must be comfortable working with both software and hardware across multiple devices. You will also need to adapt and apply your technical knowledge if you come across something new.

The career requires the technicians to organize data and present it to others. It is therefore imperative that the technician should be physically and mentally organized.

In this field, you will need to work as a team. Additionally, you will need to present your findings, be it verbally or in written form. Therefore, you should have the ability to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.

Technology and the nature of crimes are constantly changing. This means you need to learn new skills and techniques regularly. You will not have to attend classes to learn about new developments – it must come from within you. You must have the discipline to improve your knowledge and skills.

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