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Covert Online Operators GCHQ

Covert Online Operators GCHQ

GCHQ hiring covert online operators to track down terrorists and pedophiles

GCHQ are currently advertising for Covert Online Operators who are “passionate about the online world” and “the first to see what will go viral”.

The GCHQ adverts promise that successful applicants will find themselves “disrupting terrorist communications, protecting children from the darker side of the net, preventing cyber-attacks, or frustrating groups attempting to radicalise individuals”.

Language skills and technical know-how have long been prized by spy chiefs at GCHQ as they try to crack foreign spooks’ codes and disrupt terror plots.


The new GCHQ online adverts, are thought to be the first time GCHQ have tried to recruit young people for their online skills.

They state: “You’re the first to see what’s trending. Now be the first the join us.”

A job spec goes on: “From social media sites to messaging apps, the internet has drastically changed the way we connect, communicate and behave.

“But for all the good, there are still people across the world who use the internet to threaten our values and safety.

“To combat this, we are recruiting for covert online operators that can play a part in disrupting, diverting and frustrating our adversaries.”

It adds: “What we’re really looking for is people who are passionate about the online world. You’re the first to see what will go viral. The first to see what’s trending. And the first to know what’s next.”

GCHQ Covert Online Operator candidates must have three A-levels and two years’ work experience, or a university degree, and a background in linguistics is preferred.

The salary starts at £28,804.

A rigorous selection process includes spending at least an hour on an online application, then getting through interviews, security vetting and a drug test.

Indeed are currently advertising these positions:  https://www.indeed.co.uk/Government-Communications-Headquarters-Gchq-jobs-in-Barnwood

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